(AWOL)     where military birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees say "We can handle the truth!"

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Our mission is to instill military values into the adoption process.  Honor and integrity must replace secrecy.  If adoptees are trusted to defend our country they should be trusted with their own birth certificates.

The current battle front is Pennsylvania and New York.

When we turn 17 we can drive. When we turn 18 we can smoke, vote, and defend our country.  When can we have our birth certificates?

If you believe that secrecy should be removed from the adoption process and that the civil right of adoptees to access their birth certificates should be restored, please sign into the guest book and include your position in the triad (birth parent, adoptive parent, adoptee, or friend of adoption), rank, and branch of service.

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                    The ALMA society
                    American Adoption Congress
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